Why Healing World Wide?

How does it work

When you do a bodyscan you will get a clear insight in your health. A lot of hospitals in Europe use this bodyscan to help them with their patients diagnosis. For them it is common to approach illness allopathic and alternative, so more holistic.

Often GP's have no clue what the cause is of vague complaints. It's not that our bodyscan is a wonder machine and gives all the answers, but we come very far in its approach.

Digestive problems, hormonal issues, headaches, sleepingdisorder, skinproblems, allergies, fatigue, chronic pain, just a few problems we might be able to help you with.

Treatments with the bodyscan, coaching and nutritional advice, this all combined, can diminish or even let disappear your symptoms because we treat the cause of your symptoms.

Measurement with the bodyscan

The measurement is taken on the feet. To do this, the insides of your feet (below the ankle) are exposed. If you have injuries in these areas or other restrictions in this respect, other suitable body parts will be chosen. It is preferable not to apply any creams to your feet beforehand as this could affect the conductivity.

The measurement procedure is done with the person lying down or in a reclining chair. However, if you are unable to lie down, there are other options.

The entire procedure takes 8 minutes. The body should not be moved during this time. Children can also be measured as soon as they are able to follow the procedure.

The body is connected to the Global Diagnostics device with the help of 2 adhesive electrodes that are attached to the inside of the feet.

The measurement is started as soon as you have found a comfortable position in which your body can remain still for a few minutes.

The measurement process takes only 8 minutes, is completely painless and relaxing. Simply close your eyes and enjoy the few minutes of rest until you are "released" from the adhesive electrodes. It is quite possible that you will fall asleep for a short while.

The measurement with Global Diagnostics is technically extremely precise. Various test steps are included for this purpose.

The measuring process begins with a test of the connection to the body. If this was successful, the energetic effect of the environmental electrosmog on your own body field is evaluated, so that only the reactions of your own Vitalfeld are measured and not values that may have been falsified by environmental factors.

Now countless small impulses follow, by which the body's own Vitalfeld is slightly stimulated and made to resonate. They are (rarely) perceived by very sensitive people as a pleasant tingling sensation. The reaction to these impulses is measured and recorded with its rhythm and strength.

Once the Vitalfeld has been completely measured, the whole procedure is repeated in order to check the initial measurement results for their precision.

The measurement results are processed immediately after the measurement and displayed visually in various graphs and other viewing formats. Now their meaning can be explained to you.

Even if a measurement does not have the purpose of directly treating your body's Vitalfeld, it has nevertheless received a gentle boost from the countless small impulses. You can support this little stimulation by now drinking as much pure water as possible. Your body will thank you for it.

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