Why Healing World Wide?

How important is your health?

I’m just curious…….you ended up on my website, probably because you have health problems, but are you really ready for a change?
Well, then I have some good news and some bad news.
The bad news is that you and only you can make that change in your life, but the good news is that with a little help from me, you can make it happen!

Most people know how important health is. Without good health, you can’t do all that you would like to do in life.
Your body needs maintenance, just like your car. We think it is pretty normal to take our car to the garage for a yearly check-up, but we don’t do that for our own body. If your car is broken, you get a new part and you fix it. You can’t get a new part for your body to fix it that easily. If a car is old and not to be fixed any more, you get a new one, but you can’t buy a new body, right? So we have to be very careful in how we treat our body, and better yet, how we treat our mind.

Our mind, our emotions are a trigger of our well-being. Our cells resonate with our emotions. For example, do you know the expression, “I’m pissed off”, that resonates with your bladder. A lot of people who are angry or frustrated have bladder problems because they are stuck in these emotions.

So the better we take care of our mind, the healthier our body will be, and vice versa. 
Most people know how important good nutrition is. Healthy food gives a healthy mindset and a healthy mindset gives a healthy body. Remember, these two are always connected. You can choose for nutrition or fill your body and mind with "filling food" that probably tastes good but as the word says it, it’s filling. It does not do any good for your body. Nutrition is whole natural food that gives whole natural energy to your cells so that all your cells can do the work as they are supposed to do. Think of it, your body replaces your cells every minute. Do you want your cells, in your mind and body; for example, your blood, your skin, your eyes, your organs, made from addictive chemical junk food, or from whole natural foods?

There are two types of people in the world. Those who think they can do it all by themselves and fail in the end and those who reach out for a helping hand and achieve what they actually want, a healthy body, a healthy mind and a happy life.
Would it be okay if I’ll give you a helping hand to get a happy healthy life?

Most people want more info about nutrition and choose to read my e-book: Everything you need to know about healthy nutrition. Click here (link to buy this e-book for £17).

Anita: "This e-book is an easy read and gives so much info about nutrition and how to apply it into your daily life”.
Laura: “Finally information that I could use easily to get a healthier lifestyle without too much of a hassle”.
Nadia: ”This e-book gives you a clear insight in what to eat and what to avoid”.

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